When it comes to planning one of the most important days of your life, inspiration seems to arise everywhere, whether that be from your favourite apps (if Pinterest boards haven't taken over your life, where have you been?) or from hours of scrolling through those gorgeous glossy wedding magazines, your dream wedding seems so easily created! However it can all become a little overwhelming when you actually find out how much of an expense said wedding will be. 


So understandably, you begin building your perfect puzzle with the essentials, that WOW dress you always dreamt of, the idyllic wedding venue and those fantastic florals. Once this is done, you may then start to look into Hair and Makeup styling.

It's worth taking the time to research what is available. You can do this simply by viewing an artists portfolio and making sure the style and standard of work they have presented is everything you imagined when dreaming up your own look. Communication is also super important because even the most talented person, may not be the person who you feel most comfortable with and understandably this is going to really contribute to your perfect morning. 


Ultimately whatever price you pay, you want to feel like you have recieved value for your investment. I mean,what makes a store your favourite place to shop in? Is it because everytime you go into that store you are greeted by friendly staff, you feel your custom is appreciated, you leave with a quality item that makes you feel great and overall you've had a wonderful experience? I thought so!

Well that is exactly why we strive to offer our brides a luxury experience. Let's really delve into what you receive when you book your wedding with Stephanie Alexandra.

All of our brides are guaranteed-

  • A dedicated and passionate Makeup Artist and/ or Hair Stylist. 

  • Prompt response to all enquires prior to and during your journey with us.

  • Knowledgeable beauty advice regarding Skincare to ensure your skin is at its very best.

  • A clean, hygienic, professional service using expert techniques and luxury products. 

  • A personal experience, discussing and creating mood boards to ensure your individual needs are met. 

  • Organised routine to allow for the smoothest of mornings so you can pour a glass of champagne and RELAX knowing you're in good company!